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So, you want to buy a bear? :)
The link has to be a nice link.
We will approve the link before you actually pay, so there is no need to worry.
There are currently 623 bears left.
The price of the bears are shown in the table below.

  1. Choose an unoccupied colourless bear.
  2. Hover the mouse over the chosen bear to see the coordinates.
  3. Decide on the URL you want the bear to link to.
  4. Decide the title text to be shown when your bear is hovered over by a mouse.
  5. Choose the colour of the bear you want as shown in the table below.
  6. Send an email to with:
    • The coordinates of your chosen bear;
    • The hover text you ant shown;
    • The bear colour you desire;
    • The URL you want your bear to link to.
  7. After verifying that your chosen URL is a nice link, we reply to your email with the necessary PayPal information in order for you to make a payment.
  8. If you decide to make the payment, we will then:
    • Add your chosen colour;
    • Add the URL;
    • Add the hover text to your bear.
    • We send you a confirmation email informing you that your bear is ready.
  9. Everyone is happy. :)
31 days
Vaska a bear. It is the same price regardless of colour. No commercial site.

*All prices in USD.